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Foot Training Bands

About the product:

This tool will help those looking to improve their overall foot strength whilst addressing some dysfunction. We have created a collection of different strength bands alongside a useful workshop to get the most out of these tools.

The unique size of these bands allow for the effective application of specific foot exercises and for the whole body, targeting common weaknesses seen at the toes, arch, ankle, knees and hips. Moreover the set of progressive strength bands will grant the ability to apply greater loads over time to keep you improving. 

Product material: 100% latex.
Product length: 28cm without stretch.
Product strengths: Five variations of resistance.

Buying one or more of these bands will provide you with access to a very useful workshop, including useful exercises, how to prepare your feet for the Foot Training Bands & many other useful tips.
*You will have 1 month free access to this workshop.