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Online Workshops

When registering for an online workshop with us, it automatically comes with 12 months unlimited access. This is standard unless you have chosen a different length of access or if you have arranged an agreement with an instructor or member of My Foot Function.

We have created a workshop package for Bunions. This workshop package includes a few key tools & the best suited workshop for your condition. Those tools are a metatarsal corrective tool, a mini-band, toe separators & "Fix Your Feet Premium+" online workshop.

Our workshops have been build off the back of a dedicated collective of individuals focusing on foot and movement disease prevention and rehabilitation daily.

The team consists of experienced physiotherapists, sports scientists, naprapaths, chiropractors, health & fitness coaches and more.

Recognised as one of the most influential educators within the foot & ankle, we offer individuals and professionals education that gets to the root cause of the problem and to fix it through more functional, long term means.

We have a strong drive, passion and determination to reduce the amount of people suffering with long term foot related problems through our consultations, workshops, coaching & classes.

We generally steer people towards "Fix Your Feet"- this is a workshop that covers many of the foot disorders we face. It will help you set out on your functional foot journey with a great amount of newly gained knowledge on your own feet. It is a well rounded workshop which will offer you the chance to see changes in your feet in a matter of days if you follow the program.

We have more specific workshops which help with the plantar fascia, flat feet, rigid feet, strength & conditioning, help improving your squat or even workshops for whole body function.

Our workshops are designed to and have already helped many people at this stage of rehabilitation. Begin by assessing yourself through the analysis section of the relevant workshop, this will give you and idea where you need to start.

We advise you to begin with "Fix Your Feet" starting off with analysis & manual exercises.

Our workshop on plantar fascia is the best choice for you, no matter what stage of the injury you are in. This workshop has been designed for anyone looking to improve their plantar fascia strength. Visit the workshop named "Plantar Fascia" for more information.

We are sorry to hear of this, normally we can resolve this for you on the same day. Please feel free to use the support chat within this website or email us: support@myfootfunction.com

We will be happy to help you get you logged back in, for other account problems such as; password change, email change etc, please use the same steps as stated above. When contacting us please have your email address which was used for the order & order number.

Each workshop comes with 12 months unlimited access. This length of time is sufficient for you to learn all the content included.

We advise that exercises be performed every day, this should take you roughly 3-6 months to complete with reasonable progression. The remaining 6 months to refresh your memory when needed or for those who need to progress slower.

If you wish to extend your workshop for 12 months, we will provide you with 50% discount. Please contact us if you wish to do so: support@myfootfunction.com

Please note that we do also have 3 & 6 month options for some of our workshops.

You are welcome to extend your workshop for an additional 12 months & here is how to do it:

If you wish to extend your workshop for 12 months, we will provide you with 50% discount. Please contact us if you wish to do so:support@myfootfunction.com, we do have 3 & 6 month options for some of our workshops.

Frequent Shoe Questions

If your shoes are pointed at the middle on the front, i.e do not resemble the shape of a natural foot then, simply, yes! At My Foot Function we face "ugly truths" over restoring your feet to their natural state, such as that wearing barefoot shoes will heal your body. There are many factors to take inte consideration when transitioning.

Begin slow

What ever you consider is slow, go slower. This is an area where too many people rush, often resulting in pain and/or injury. Wear them for 10% of the day for a few weeks to begin with. If all goes well, increase to 20% and so on.

Many feet will continue to compensate even barefoot shoes, although this transition may be fast and trouble free for some, most people will need to apply corrective exercises based on their particular problem to resolve this.

Stop thinking thin is best:Thin soles are not for everyone. If you have had your feet in poorly fitted shoes for many years then slipping into a 3mm shoe may be cause more harm than good. There are many shoes on the market that offer more, visit functional-footwear.comto learn more, this is a website we have built which will help answer these questions in greater detail & offer you a few brands we love!

If the shoe don't fit:

Honestly, if you are finding yourself making excuses for the rubbing, the slight pain, the need to "break in your shoes" or something similar then you are already defeating the purpose. Shoes should be easy to wear, no need to "break in", no need to feel anything actually, shoes should simply protect you from the terrain & provide thermal protection. Practice the insole test which you can find on our Instagram.

This is an interesting question which in our experience has a multitude of responses. The common response is "thin & flexible", "must feel the ground", "like you are not wearing shoes" etc. These answers, although some are accurate, they are dangerous to in-force on all. What works for them may not work for everyone.

We welcome this word but prefer to call this category: "Functional Footwear", we like this term so much, we've built a website around it. Functional Footwear should 1. not compromise the foot of its natural function, 2. not negatively affect the foot of its natural shape & 3. be fit for purpose, wether this be thermal or terrain based protection.

Visit Functional-Footwear.com for more information (website in the making). There is lots of great information and wonderful brands available to check out!

This is incredibly individual from starting out. Although the starting point may look very different for everyone the finish line will be the same for 99% of us! We must consider age, weight, activity level & history with injuries when choosing a shoe & how often we wear them.

We do not want to put any one off from wearing functional footwear, as they are a key part in restoring feet. We are simply saying that we should consider doing it smart, starting off slow, as we would with training, running etc. Our feet take time to adapt & we should allow them time to do so.

Have you checked out our Fix Your Feet online workshop? It begins by assessing your feet (and movement) so that you can make the right choices, with shoes, exercise & daily habits!

We are a team of 10 & share the same taste when it comes to shoes & brands we trust in.

Our favourite brands are FeelGrounds, Wildling Shoes& Ahinsa shoesthese brands offer incredible, stylish, foot shaped shoes & stand for great things! We have been working with them for many years now & our clients express their delight after switching.

Visit: functional-footwear.comto learn more & see our favourite brands.

No, we discovered functional footwear at different times in our lives but for most of us these shoes have only been in our lives for 30%. The first 70% of our lives we have been wearing conventional shoes. This has allowed us to not only teach from theory but form our personal experiences too.

Our workshops were born through our experience and the 1000's of individuals we have met over the last 10 years in Scandinavia.

If your shoes are symmetrically shaped (taper in towards a point in the middle at the toe-box) then you have to to avoid doing even more damage to your feet. Often time up to 3 sizes too big to allow the toes to fully splay under load.

Another benefit of functional footwear is that you don't have to wear them too big. However, we do recommend that you have at least a thumbnail distance from your toes to where to toes end. Your foot expands up to 20-30 square centimeters when you put more weight through it during walking or running.

That is because they are shaped like the natural foot. Over time, what becomes normal in society is often perceived as being natural. This is very true in regards to shoe industry who have been producing narrow, symmetrical shoes that conform more to fashion ideals rather than function.

Over time you'll adjust to the look of them and that will become the normal, and dare we say fashionable!

Shipping Information

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