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Master Foot Function Specialist

About this certification:

After completing all our instructor courses (including the introductory course) if you do not have a previous background within health sciences, we recommend that you take this course do get more in-depth experience using real-life case studies which you will be tested on to solidify what you’ve learned thus far and be able to apply it more confidently on real life examples. 

What does being Master Specialist mean?

This grants our full certification level, allowing you to take the next step onto the teacher certification if you wish to start teaching the theory and practice of functional foot care. Please navigate to the MFF Teacher Certification menu to learn more. 

This course is focused on real life case studies, exams and is heavily exam based to make sure you are fully confident in assessing and working with a wide variety of foot-related problems as well as gait compensations occurring at the whole kinetic chain.