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Single & DuoBeam

About this product: 

Beautifully crafted wooden beam made from beech wood with strong rubber feet for extra grip & a unique design. You can choose from a single beam or create multiple shapes with the DuoBeam (see images).

Why a balance beam? 

The balance beam has been used to regenerate the foots muscles, tendons, structural position whilst creating better balance. It allows the foot to gain more grip, flexibility & mobility with the wide range of exercises you can perform on it.


DuoBeam: Two beams, three connectors with a rubber feet 
Single Beam:One beam, two connectors with rubber feet

Each beam length: 100cm / 3.42 Foot x 4,5cm / 1.77inch in diameter
Connector dimensions: Length 22.5cm / 8.85inch, width 6cm / 2.36inch, height 5cm /  1.96inch

DuoBeam weight: 2,8kg
Single Beam weight: 1,4kg
Material: 100% Beech wood, untreated for allergenic reasons.