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Single & DuoBeam

About this product: 

Beautifully crafted wooden beam made from beech wood with strong rubber feet for extra grip & a unique design. You can choose from a single beam or create multiple shapes with the DuoBeam (see images).

Why a balance beam? 

The balance beam has been used to regenerate the foots muscles, tendons, structural position whilst creating better balance. It allows the foot to gain more grip, flexibility & mobility with the wide range of exercises you can perform on it.


For specific exercises using the balance beams we recommend our workshops such as "Fix your Feet" or "Function365" which will guide your through specific exercises to get the most out of this tool.


DuoBeam: Two beams, three connectors with a rubber feet 
Single Beam:One beam, two connectors with rubber feet

Each beam length: 100cm / 3.42 Foot x 4,5cm / 1.77inch in diameter
Connector dimensions: Length 22.5cm / 8.85inch, width 6cm / 2.36inch, height 5cm /  1.96inch

DuoBeam weight: 2,8kg
Single Beam weight: 1,4kg
Material: 100% Beech wood, untreated for allergenic reasons.