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May 10, 2022 1 min read

One of the most common protocols we use on clients is foot exercises first thing in the morning or prior to any activities, why?

Foot exercises have an acute effect on how active the muscles of the foot are, making the foot more capable of bearing the higher loads and forces in activities, reducing risk of injury!

A study done in 2016 used 3 exercises that we commonly prescribe, found significantly higher activation in almost all intrinsic foot muscles. 

We provide clear and concise guides with detailed video based exercises and programs in our workshops, useful for anyone that is active, or looking to be more active but is hindered by movement related pain. 

Read the full article here.


Gooding TM, et. al., Intrinsic Foot Muscle Activation During Specific Exercises: A T2 Time Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study. J Athl Train. 2016 

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