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May 10, 2022 1 min read

"Flat" Foot is commonly misdiagnosed. Very few people statistically are born with this type of foot. And those who are do not necessarily present any problems. The weak or collapsed foot, looks very similar at first glance, but is not natural. 

Many are told that nothing can be done, and are recommended orthotics for life. 

Through experience we know that this is certainly not the case. Fortunately there are more studies looking at the use of exercises in the treatment of foot problems. Three recent studies in 2015-2019 found significant improvements in symptoms foot posture, arch strength, toe strength and more benefits, using simple exercises found in our workshops during only 6-8 weeks.

Imagine what a consistent progressive program can do! The combination of our Fix your Feet and the BlackBoard online workshops are the greatest tools you'll have in you arsenal for building a strong a rigid arch again! 

You can find these workshops here.

You can read more about one of the articles here.


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