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Whole Body Rehab Package

About this package: 

Foot related problems often cause other symptoms further up in the body, including but not limited to; shin splints, calf/achilles strains, knee pain, hip and lower back pain.

When strengthening the foot, it is important to also work with the whole body to improve and prevent pain and injuries affecting other parts of the body, particularly as It relates to mobility and flexibility. Modern movement habits mean that we often don’t move our body through its full capacity, leading to restrictions in joint movement, pain and injury.

This kit includes all you need to know to restore natural healthy feet and improve the range of motion and strength of your whole body.

For more in-depth description of the individual workshops and tools included, please klick on the links provided below in the list of the contents in this kit.

This package includes:

  • Fix your Feet Premium+ (12 months access) 
  • Whole Body Mobility Workshop  (12 months access)
  • Toe Spacer Kit
  • Toe Spacer Workshop  (12 months access) 
  • Foot Training Band - pack of 5 strengths
  • Blackboard equipment 
  • Blackroll Black Box

*The saving shown on this package is calculated based on this package price vs if you were to buy the items individually.