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Running Technique

Running is the world's biggest participation sport and is also one of the most injurious. 40-79% of all runners get 1 or more injuries every year, even after decades of extensive research and development of running shoes. Running technique is the most important and common denominating factor, besides the more fundamental things you will learn in our other online workshops such as foot function, squatting, mobility, strength and elasticity.

This workshop will give you all the necessary tools to be able to analyse your technique, identify your mistakes and guide you through the technique drills necessary to improve all common mistakes. We have also added warm-up, mobility, strength and elasticity programs to complement your running training.

What is included?

  • Technique analysis guide
  • Technique drills with detailed instructions 
  • Daily warm-up routine 
  • Strength and elasticity programs 
  • Course notes with time stamps
  • Easy to follow Thinkific platform 

  • Free updates during your subscription

*This workshop can be accessed from a mobile, tablet or desktop & can be accessed an unlimited amount of times during your 12 months access.