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Rigid Foot Package

About this package: 

With the foots 33 mobile joints, it’s a wonder of natural engineering, allowing us to adapt to uneven terrain and perform several different important functions; shock absorption, propulsion and a stable base of support. Unfortunately many of us spend too much time in tightly fitted and narrow shoes which may for some lead to the “locking” of the foot as it compensates for the lack of movement over time.

This kit includes all the important tools and workshops we recommend to help you mobilise and restore the natural shock absorbing function of your feet, reducing injury risk and improving performance.

For more in-depth description of the individual workshops and tools included, please klick on the links below provided in the list of the contents in this kit.

This Package includes:

  • Blackboard equipment
  • Rigid Foot Workshop (12 months access) 
  • Trigger Point Ball
  • Toe Spacer Kit
  • Toe Spacer Workshop (12 months access) 
  • Foot Training Band - Light & Extra Light
  • Training Band workshop (12 months access) 
  • Mobilisation Beams 

*The saving shown on this package is calculated based on this package price vs if you were to buy the items individually.