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The PedesPlate should be used by all professionals who analyse clients through movement, posture assessments & foot health. Easy to travel with, incredibly useful to use which will offer deep understanding for your client on their foot health & movement patterns!

About this product: 

Assessing feet can be difficult & in some cases we do not have the client on our side, convincing them of the outcome can be difficult. The PedesPlate can help you evaluate foot function in minutes though its unique technology. the rubber pad is inked, you flip the inked side onto the included papers & your client steps on. 

The detail in the foot print is like no other, in fact the detailed information is often better than the expensive digital versions. We have compared the PedesPlate & our Plantar Pressure Plate and in many cases the PedesPlate wins.

In the box: 

  • 1x PedesPlate
  • 1x Ink (water based)
  • 1x Ink Roller 
  • 1x analysis paper pads (25 sheets per pad) 
  • Access to introductory workshop (access granted January 25th)