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Foundation To Human Movement

About this workshop: 

This is an incredibly inspiring, fun and informative workshop that will provide you with the theory and practice of restoring the natural potential of your feet and unlock the potential to human movement.

This is a physical 3 hour workshop where we take up to 10 people through the theory of foot function and how this relates to health and movement. From there we take you through several individual assessments including gait analysis using our plantar pressure plates.

Based on these assessments our head teacher Gourgen will take you through specific exercises to improve the weakness that you may present and also any goals that you may have in terms of movement.


Langauge: Swedish
Location: Hedåsgatan 6, Göteborg
Duration: 3 hours
Participants: Maximum of 10

You will be provided with information 3 days before the workshop takes place. Your teacher will contact you directly to answer any questions you may have & to provide general information about the workshop.