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Foot Stability Package

About this Package:

Our modern environment is designed to give us the ability to move in a safe and efficient manner, this is the main reason why all surfaces are made to be as flat and even as possible. The downside to this is that we are seldom challenged in lower leg variability, leading to instability and other issues especially when we are engaged in activities that demand a great deal of stability. Particularly when we combined this with the all to common foot deformities seen today.

This kit has therefore been designed to give you all our top exercises and tools necessary to challenge your postural stability, and foot function in a fun and effective way. 

This kit includes all the important tools and workshops we recommend to help you strengthen and restore your natural ability to raise the arch for stability and propulsion. reducing injury risk and improving performance.

For more in-depth description of the individual workshops and tools included, please klick on the links below provided in the list of the contents in this kit.

  • Beam (single beam)
  • Blackboard equipment 
  • *BlackBoard Workshop 
  • *Fix your Feet Premium+
  • Toe Spacer Kit & *Workshop
  • Foot Training Bands (x5 All Strengths)

Note: The saving shown on this package is calculated based on this package price vs if you were to buy the items individually. 

*Please allow 24h for your digital workshops to be registered. You'll receive an email with more information on how to access your workshop (please check your spam/junk folder as it may end up there sometimes). If you have not received access after 24 please contact us at