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Flat Foot Package

About this Kit:

Also commonly known as the “weak-foot”, this is a common compensation that occurs over time as the toe’s are unable to support the arch due to being immobilised in narrowly fitted shoes. All the toes have direct or indirect attachments through muscles and tendons to the rest of the foot including the arch, to help steer it during movements. As the arch looses this support, the ligaments that hold the joints together start to loose their tensity over time which leads to the depression of the arch.

This kit includes all the important tools and workshops we recommend to help you strengthen and restore your natural ability to raise the arch for stability and propulsion. reducing injury risk and improving performance.

For more in-depth description of the individual workshops and tools included, please klick on the links below provided in the list of the contents in this kit.

This kit includes:

  • BlackBoard training tool
  • Flat Foot Workshop (12 months access) 
  • Trigger Point Ball
  • Toe Spacer Kit
  • Toe Spacer Kit Workshop (12 months access) 
  • Foot Training Band Medium
  • Mobilisation beams
*Access to workshops will be available within 24 hours from purchase. This way you will begin learning before your products even arrive.