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Bunion Package

About this Kit:

The worlds most common foot deformity is Bunions (misaligned big toe and/or little toe). Primarily caused by narrow fitted shoes, this deformity heavily affects the function of your feet and hence the ability to stabilise and steer your whole body in an efficient and injury free manner. 

This workshop combines all the necessary tools and workshops to reduce and prevent further development of bunions and other symptoms associate with this. My Foot Function Team has worked with thousands of people using functional methods to get the to root of the problem, addressing shoes, lifestyle habits, progressive exercises, pain, massage and manual therapy techniques and much more which is all included within this kit.

For more in-depth description of the individual workshops and tools included, please klick on the links provided in the list of the contents in this kit.

This kit includes:

  • Bunion & Tailors Bunion Workshop (12 months access)
  • Light  & extra light Foot training Band 
  • Toe Spacer Kit
  • Toe Spacer Workshop (12 months access)
  • Trigger Point Ball