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Bunion & Tailors Bunion

Suffering from Bunions or/& Tailors Bunion? This is the workshop for you!  

Bunions and Tailors Bunions are among the worlds most common foot deformities. This workshop will cover in detail; what it exactly is, how it's effecting your individual foot, what the root cause was and what makes it worse. But more importantly everything you need to know, step-by-step to improving your condition. This has been designed through our own personal experience and the thousands of clients we've helped over-come these deformities over the years.

Live calls with your instructor will also be available with this course every month! Giving you the opportunity to ask questions directly to our experts, covering important topics and sharing your journey with other participants. 

The course will take you through lifestyle habits, shoe choice, assessments, useful equipment, common mistakes, rehabilitation time, discomfort and many more important areas to consider at the get-go. From there you will be guided through progressive programs you will need to implement in conjunction with this in order to most effectively combat this all-to-common deformity. 

The course outlined:

- Live Q&A and discussions with our experts
- 10 chapters, 50 lessons & over 3 hours of video content
- Train with these exercises anywhere
- Covering a wide degree of bunions
- Support & guidance throughout 
- Exercises both with & without equipment
- Trigger-point therapy and massage techniques
- Assessments to determine your degree of function
- Guide to help you find your focal points
- Foot diary & image upload to track progress 
- Common myths, mistakes and accurate reasons
- Community section to talk with students & teachers

*This workshop can be accessed from a mobile phone, tablet or desktop & can be accessed an unlimited amount of times during your 12 months access.