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Why The Shoe Pinches?

The subject of the following pages may at first sight appear trivial, but I make no apology for having translated what so eminent an anatomist as Professor Meyer has thought fit to write. Our ideas as to what is elegant and proper in regard to the feet being so radically bad, I have no hope that the promulgation of the proper shape of the shoe will have any sensible influence in reforming the fashions of the day. 

There are, however, many who, having outlived the vanities of fashion, sigh for a little comfort did they only know where to find it ; who for years have been exerting their ingenuity, and trying in vain, by means of lasts made for their feet, and various other expedients, to attain to the simple luxury of a comfortably fitting shoe, and these I am sure will feel thankful for the information now afibrded them.

Why The Shoe Pinches

Parents, too, may be induced to see that the feet of their children are not made deformities before they are fully developed ; and I believe that a great boon would be conferred by the introduction of the proposed shape of accidents, and like causes, weakened parts are more susceptible to its influence," and then mentions cases in which first attacks, instead of appearing in the usual seat were limited to the knee or other parts that had suffered from previous injuries.

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