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Wholesale agreement

General guidelines for wholesale customers: 


We have priced the wholesale products so that resellers are able to match the prices we have on our website. We do not accept lowering the price on these products intentionally & only accept small margins based on geographical location & exchange rate fluctuations. It is important we respect this rule & by doing so we will direct customers to their nearest reseller when possible.


If you should discount a product, this should be temporary, during a physical event or an offer to exclusive customers. MFF will inform all wholesale customers of online sales, if they choose to do so, such as a Black Friday event. You therefor have the opportunity to be involved or not. 

If you find yourself unable to sell the product, we ask kindly that you offer MFF to buy back these items before proceeding to "sell off" these items. If you are struggling to sell items we are also keen to help you. 


There will be branding on the product, inside the bags & through our digital products such as workshops. This information is important to remain for the customer as it informs them on using the products correctly & directs them to their free workshop.

We can provide Logos, information on our company & more. Please direct all enquires to: wholesale@myfootfunction.com

Product images & other media, including product description can be obtained through our media link. You can download these images free & an unlimited time but we ask kindly that you do not watermark or add logos to these images or edit them in any way. You can reshape the image to fit the profile of your website if need be. If we have overlooked anything here please use the same email above to ask any questions you may have.

Selling our products:

You can sell our products both physically & online.

We kindly ask that you respect this information, especially when these products are online. You cannot resell these products as wholesale & we kindly ask that all wholesale customers are directed to us. We will however provide a 10% discount on each new wholesale customer you recommend who signs up & orders. This discount can then be used against your next order. 

Wholesale & affiliate programme:

If you are an existing affiliate, we ask kindly that you do not use your affiliate discount to purchase your wholesale products. Although this seems standard to us all, it is important to say that any orders received this way will be rejected.

You can be a wholesale customer & an affiliate. This may work well for those not wishing to stock all products or incase you sell out & still wish for your customers to have our products.

Use of MFF digital products.

Within each kit sold, your customers have an added bonus of a online workshop. We kindly ask that this information is handed over to the customer if you sell single units of the products.

The affiliation programme is an excellent way for you to continue growing your earnings & secures that your customers stick to an excellent programme.