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Join the Movement and Make a Difference

Here are just some of the ways you can influence people around you

  1. Lead by example: Demonstrate how important foot function is by incorporating healthy habits into your own daily routine and encouraging others to do the same, share this weekly or daily.

  2. Share your success story: Talk about the benefits you've experienced since prioritising foot function and how it's improved your life. Your story can inspire others to make a change. As we know, the smallest changes give the biggest results.

  3. Educate your network: Share information and resources about foot function and its importance to overall health and wellness.

  4. Host an event: Bring people together to learn about foot function and encourage them to make changes in their own lives. We can help support you in this & even offer small group lives where we can interact with you and your friends. Contact us if this is of interest 

  5. Social media: Use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share your story and educate others about foot function. You can also join relevant online communities and engage with others who share your passion.

  6. Partner with local businesses: Invite us to local businesses, such as gyms, yoga studios, and running stores, to spread the word about foot function and how it can improve overall health and wellness.

  7. Volunteer in your community: Offer your skills and knowledge to help others improve their foot function through volunteering opportunities or by supporting local initiatives that promote healthy living.

  8. Connect with our instructors or become one: Our Instructor courses will provide you with sufficient knowledge along side the confidence needed to teach others in the field of foot function. If this isn't for you, connect to a near by instructor to bring a wealth of knowledge to you and your community.