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Is One Consultation Enough?

One consultation can go a very long way, and for those who have minor problems or just looking to improve general function and health of their feet, may be enough. However, improving foot function and rehabilitation of injuries or restoration of foot function may take a long time and requires progressive overload specific to your needs and progression.

A common mistake many people make is doing the same exercises with same loads and parameter as they started with. This will result in adaptation but will stave off. Now this may be sufficient for some people, especially if you’ve got to the point where your symptoms have completely regressed. However, depending on what activities you are engaged in or want to be involved in, it is imperative that you progressively adjust your programming do that it reflects the external loads and specific movement patterns that you wish to be engaged in. For example, if you’re wanting to run regularly, it is important that after a period of focusing on strength exercises, you progressively move on to integrate full body single leg movements incorporating strength and elasticity. 

How, when and how much you do this also depends on your specific weakness/compensations and how far you’ve progressed thus far. 

We usually recommend at least 1 follow-up after a 8-12 week period after your initial consultation so that we can do re-assessments, evaluate how you’ve been performing and revise your program to keep you progressing.