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Information on the certification

Who is the certification course for?

If you are a professional, such as personal trainer, physical therapist, sports coach, chiropractor, podiatrist,  or anyone working within health and fitness with an added interest in foot function and its relationship to movement, and are looking to seriously up your game, by taking a more holistic look at whole body health by implementing preventative and functional approach to foot function, then this course is for you!

The entirety of the course is laid out in a manner that accommodates those who have an extensive background in foot function, and for those who have none. You have several options of how deep you can dive into the information, but also the essentials of what you need to know to be able to help people with the most common foot problems.


Why have we created this course?

Our feet are one of the most overlooked and underrated parts of the body within health and fitness fields. There is an ongoing epidemic of preventable foot problems caused by ill-fitted and unnaturally shaped shoes. Our feet were not adapt for the environment of narrow, elevated and rigid shoes, just like our bodies are not adapt for the modern sedentary environment with caloric surplus, leading to an epidemic of life-style diseases. 

This course is made to cut through all the missinformation and myths out there, and give you as a professional all the science based theoretical and practical tools to empower yourself and your clients to restore natural foot function and make more informative choices on shoe-wear and movement habits.


What will I learn?

118 Lessons split over 12 chapter will take you through the theory of foot function to give you a solid understanding of how to foot works in relation to movement, what the common problems are and how this effects the rest of the body. This will be a mix of reading based on scientific papers (translated into digestible text) and video based lessons.

Once you’ve passed the quizzes to solidify your learning you’ll be taken onto the next chapters including how to assess your clients, and based on this; what corrective, restorative and preventative exercises you should use. Included are many video based training programmes alongside a big library of detailed video exercises to aid your learning and also be able to demonstrate to your clients, so that you can easily assure yourself that the the exercises can be followed a performed correctly.

Full chapter contents and curriculum can be found here.


How will I learn?

Each chapter is divided into several lessons that are a mix of text, image and video, where you will be taught how to apply theory to practice. Our education platform takes you through each section in a structured and progressive manner so that you can learn as you go, see your progress and come back after a break to where you left off. 

There is no time-limit on completing the course or any section, the learning pace is completely up to you and if you need support along the way our teachers are available in the community section where you will also have direct contact with all the other students.


Who is behind this course?

This course is a culmination of years of experience from professionals in varying fields (physical therapy, sport science, podiatry, naprapathy, osteopathy and chiropractics) who all have extensive background in dealing with foot-related issues and its relation to whole-body health. 

Through our collective years of experience we’ve dealt with countless people suffering from debilitating foot pain and injuries, all as a result of completely preventable factors such as appropriate footwear. Many of our clients have been sent from professional to professional and given short term, often ineffective, symptom bases treatments. We have seen first hand how the most common problems can be fully restored by effective exercise and informing our clients on wiser shoe-choices and movement habits and are committed to building a strong community of like-minded professionals.



As a certified instructor, you will have access to the instructor page on our website where you can make use of latest research, methods, tools, updates and material relating to foot function. 

The course is updated regularly as new science is released and new and better methods of assessment and training are made, you will be invited into building a strong community of professionals where we support each other for the best of our practice and clients.