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Lena Alfredson

Lena Alfredson

  • Over 15 years experience as a Osteopath
  • My Foot Function Instructor
  • Experienced in her field working with athletes & general public
  • Foot Map practitioner

I trained as a Health Care Therapist at GGI in Surte, Sweden between 2004-2005. In 2005, I started working as a masseur at various companies in Gothenburg, Sweden. 2009-2013 I trained for Osteopath D.O at the Scandinavian Osteopathic College in Gothenburg and started my clinic in Gothenburg in the spring of 2013.

Since then I have enjoyed attending a number of educations to widen my knowledge allowing me more tools to help and guide my patience. In the osteopath world far little time is spent on the foot - I believe in this case I am different.