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Gourgen Gevorgyan

Gourgen Gevorgyan

  • Sport Scientist
  • Head teacher at My Foot Function Sweden
  • Olympic weightlifting coach & Instructor
  • Held over 1,000 seminars & 1,000 physical educations
  • IG B-celeb

With my background in Sport Science from Brunel University in London, I moved to Sweden in 2011 where I started working as a Coach and teacher for different schools educating personal trainers. The realisation of how much the foot is neglected in the different fields of sports, health and fitness, got me inspired to further educate myself and do extensive research in foot biomechanics, pathologies and more and its connection to movement and health. 

Having now spent several years working with foot exercises and with functional tools with athletes of all types, recreational runners and more, myself and my colleagues at MFF have seen most modern foot problems rehabilitated through training, and our passion is to spread this knowledge to as many people as possible.